Stained Glass

The applications of the Vitro or Fusing technique in the windows of buildings are one of the most established but also elegant forms of Vitro.

The specialized executives of Gioulis Glass take the classic characteristics of aesthetic perfection of Vitro and transfer them to your daily life. Whether you adopt the elaborate style of the Victorian era, or prefer a more modern and innovative design, the handmade glass in the form of the crafted Stained Glass can radically change what we thought until now for interior or exterior door.

The imagination and the artistic expression that is inspired by the trends of modern life, reaching a level of aesthetic perfection, are the elements that characterize the Stained Glass windows of Gioulis Glass. Using specialized glasses (handmade studs) or mixed media (Stained Glass & Fusing) the experienced technicians of the company can give a breath to each building, installing special glass ceilings in a variety of shapes and color combinations, suitable for every taste and particular style.


Fusing Glass

Creating functional applications from molten glass with the Fusing technique is one of the most basic activities of Gioulis Glass.

The specialized technicians of the company use the molten glass in a large temperature to create unique works of art, in designs sometimes classic and linear, sometimes modern and abstract, colored or completely white with reliefs.

In the creations of Gioulis Glass there is a diffuse sense of constant movement, while embossed surfaces and the unique combination of indelible colors illuminate the surrounding area in homes and workplaces.

This category also includes the creation of mirrors from tempered glass through which the company offers its customers the opportunity to have in their space decorative objects of high aesthetics that are at the same time useful.

The Emphasis Glass mirrors of glass colors with modern and functional design, thus adding an elegant color note to the space.


Hagiography on Glass

Byzantine hagiography is the art of depicting saints and religious subjects, in order to bridge the physical with the spiritual world. According to the Orthodox tradition, the hagiographic image does not aim at a realistic representation of a person but has primarily spiritual semiology since through it a relationship of life with God and the Saints can be achieved. The image creates a sense of living presence and brings the believer to a personal relation and contact with the being of the depicted. Hagiography is therefore not considered a simple work of art or a religious painting but is a means by which man can reach holiness. The depiction of hagiography, through glass and with the help of light, creates unprecedented feelings of mental delight and joy to the reader.

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