Who we are

We have been in this area since 1998.

Our experience in the Vitro and Fusing technique has been recovered from the many seminars abroad and mainly in Germany. In the time, we have created works in hundreds of homes and businesses throughout Greece. The type of constructions evolve in us to exceed the limits by testing our limits and to successfully verify the abilities of the team. Through frequent visits to glass exhibitions abroad, they offer all the information the team needs on new materials and techniques, keeping us fully informed. Finally, the most basic element that determines the final aesthetic result of a construction is the taste, the mood of the craftsman as he creates.

For us, each creation is a separate project that must have a beginning – a middle – and an end. The principle is the most basic element of any construction. In this phase, the space where the construction will be placed must be studied, how the project will be illuminated, which color composition suits, but also which design will highlight the whole surrounding space. The second stage includes the construction of the project using as tools our technical knowledge and our passion. The last stage is the study for the safety of the creation so that it does not suffer any damage or cause injury.

Every day, we feel proud knowing that our own constructions decorate your space.

Our works

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