If you want to get the perfect amateurism that makes your hobby a pleasure or you want to become professionals trained in a field with excellent prospects and very good salaries, come and let us know and get to know you up close.

Vitro seminar

Stained-glass windows, Mirrors Stained-glass windows, Lighting Stained-glass windows, Ceiling Stained-glass windows and their placement, Stained-glass decorative objects, Ecclesiastical theaters, Combination of colors, Market marketing, Stained glass pattern, Pattern design with PC. The technique of construction of large Stained Glass surfaces and the way of their support.

Fusing Seminar

Theoretical lessons for the complete understanding of the operation of the oven, the baking diagrams, the creation of Fusing Surfaces, Fusing Luminaries, Fusing decorative items, Fusing kitchen backs (modern kitchens) Fusing mirrors etc. Practical lessons and applications on the theory of Fusing glass. Use of all the ingredients required for the possibility of baking.

Hagiography seminar in glass.

For this art you need to know both Vitro and Fusing, to be able to complete a creation. We have not yet completed, at a theoretical level, the course required to fully understand this art. In a little while we will be ready.

Next Seminars

Due to the COVID-19 virus, the seminars are suspended.